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Supplier Diversity Policy

At Production Solutions, a Moore company, we recognize the value diversity brings to our people, our organization, our clients, our partners and our community. We benefit when varied voices speak, lead and are valued. We thrive when we create inclusive and equitable experiences for our stakeholders. We earn the best talent, imagine the best innovations and deliver the best results when we value diverse perspectives. Given these principles, we want to cultivate a Supplier Diversity Program that facilitates the inclusion of small and diverse businesses in our purchasing process, and continuously increases our spend with qualifying suppliers. In fact, the primary goal of our Supplier Diversity Program is to increase spending with diverse suppliers in terms of gross procurement sales percentage and the overall approved percentage of suppliers in our network. We seek diverse suppliers at two levels: Based on leadership and employee demographics
  • Minority-owned businesses
  • Women-owned businesses
  • Veteran-owned businesses
  • Disability-owned businesses
  • LGBTQ-owned businesses
  • Small Disadvantaged Businesses
  • HUB Zone
  • Small Business Enterprise
Based on the diversity, equity and inclusion activities of a current or potential supplier In addition to demographic considerations, we seek suppliers who cultivate a variety of DEI activities within their organization including, but not limited to:
  • Visible leadership commitment to diversity
  • A DEI values statement and principles
  • Active diversity recruitment pipelines
  • The development of multicultural competencies
  • Serving diverse communities
  • Recruiting and hiring diverse suppliers
  • Providing DEI and anti-harassment training to employees
  • Using a racial equity lens to make policy decisions
  • Paying attention to imagery and customer messaging
  • Engaging in diversity retention activities such as mentoring, coaching and employee resource groups
  • Reviewing policies and procedures to ensure equality across racial and gender differences, and
  • Applying metrics to evaluate DEI progress.
We do this to promote diversity, find the best suppliers, and strengthen our supply chain. We also do this to support our industry by bringing awareness of the importance of supplier diversity. High-performing organizations recognize that the aim of diversity is not just meeting compliance targets but tapping into the diverse perspectives and approaches each individual brings to the workplace, including our supplier partners. Production Solutions works diligently to create mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers. We do this by providing educational opportunities for potential suppliers regarding the procurement process and doing business with Production Solutions. We likewise educate our staff regarding supplier diversity recruitment activities, policies, goals and the metrics we use to evaluate progress. Ultimately, we want to proactively seek and expand our network of small and diverse business suppliers who can partner with us in the following areas:
  • Direct mail manufacturing (e.g., printing, data processing, personalization and mailshop)
  • Professional services (e.g., temporary staffing, legal, consulting, IT)
  • Facilities (e.g., maintenance, repair, cleaning, supplies)
  • Marketing (e.g., web design, promotional services, photo/video)
  • Office services (e.g., catering, meetings/events, office supplies)
We evaluate suppliers based on capabilities and quality assurance, quality of customer service, cost, and delivery effectiveness. Production Solutions is committed to the development of a diverse supplier base. We expect all employees to be inclusive in their decision-making process when it comes to selecting the best supplier to meet our business needs.