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The 2018 Chicago Nonprofit Conference is Here

Leigh Janis Leigh Janis Director of Sales & Brand Strategy

It’s hard to believe the end of August is upon us. School has started for many, stores are already promoting their Halloween swag, and my Instagram feed is filled with people counting down until “Fall Y’all”…but we aren’t done with summer yet! On the heels of the 2018 Bridge Conference, the team here at Production Solutions is excited to venture out to the Windy City for one of our favorite events of the summer, the Chicago Nonprofit Conference.

The conference serves as a great opportunity to connect with some of the best in the nonprofit industry. As a member of this year’s conference planning committee, I’ve been fortunate enough to get the inside scoop on some of the content and events – and I can tell you, attendees will not be disappointed.  

So what am I looking forward to?


  • ASPCA’s session on their customer service transformation: Drawing inspiration from Zappos, the ASPCA donor retention team made it their mission to keep their donors happy and fulfilled. With the cost to acquire a donor continuing to rise, ASPCA recognized retention is king, and took their cultivation efforts to the next level. I look forward to learning more about their specific strategies in this lively, engaging session.
  • Tips on how to navigate Facebook ads: Last week I attended an event where entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk spoke on how Facebook advertising continues to be one of the best ad buys for the money. Intrigued by his passion, excellent content, and insights, I look forward to sitting in on the “Navigating the Perilous Waters of Facebook Ads” session on Wednesday, August 29th. With case studies from  a few well-known nonprofits, I am hopeful the content will provide strategies and learnings to utilize this platform more effectively. For a few quick tips on Facebook advertising, check out our recent blog post: Top Facebook Advertising Mistakes Affecting Your Results (Part I).
  • Networking: The power networking reception scheduled for Tuesday, August 28th is sure to be a hit. Set at the Untitled Supper Club, this unique, speakeasy-inspired venue makes it feel like you are back in prohibition era Chicago. The reception is especially beneficial for newcomers, offering an environment to mix, mingle, and build relationships.


Expectations are high, but I have no doubt the sessions, keynote speeches, and conversations will provide participants with valuable takeaways and new ideas to bring back to their organizations. I look forward to seeing it all come together over the next two days.

See you in Chi-Town!

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Leigh Janis
Leigh Janis Director of Sales & Brand Strategy

Leigh, a performance-driven leader, is PS’ Director of Sales &
Brand Strategy and has been serving PS since 2015. Leigh is
from Oakton, Virginia, and she enjoys spending time with her
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