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The Future is Simple with the USPS’s New Enterprise Payment System (EPS)

Alex Newell Alex Newell Senior Sourcing Manager

In an effort to simplify funding your various postal accounts, the United States Postal Service has rolled out their new “Enterprise Payment System” (EPS). The new system supports commercial, domestic, and international products and services including First Class, Marketing Mail, Electronic PO Boxes Online (EPOBOL) and Address Quality Products.

The most exciting feature is that you now have a one-stop-shop to pay and manage all of your services online through a single Enterprise Payment Account (EPA)! Your EPA provides enhanced security features, a centralized balance, and account management (including a central location for mailing statements).

The critical change for most customers is that the EPS will be replacing your old CAPS account – and with it, you will no longer be required to submit manual application forms to the CAPS Service Center. It is all done electronically through a Trust Account or an ACH Debit account so you can forgo taking checks to your local Post Office branch.

This new system is currently in effect and you can sign up for it online using the below process.

EPS Enrollment Steps:

  1. Request an Invitation Code to participate in the EPS. You can either get one from your local Business Mail Entry Unit or by emailing:
  2. Log in to the Business Customer Gateway and access the EPS menu
  3. Create your Enterprise Payment Account (EPA)
  4. Manage your users’ roles
  5. Select Payment Method (Trust Account funded by check, cash, money order or ACH Credit, or link an ACH Debit account) and update banking information
  6. Activate the payment method chosen
  7. Link your permits (Indicia, Meter, Pre-Cancelled Stamps, BRE, etc)
  8. Notify your Mail Service Provider, if applicable.

The older CAPS program is being phased out and starting in September 2018. Because of this, any new postal fund accounts will have to be run through the new EPS program. All CAPS accounts need to be migrated to an EPS account by no later than April 2019.

The Production Solutions team is here to help! Have questions about navigating the Business Gateway Portal or signing up for the Enterprise Payment System? Let us do the legwork and get you started so all you have to do is fund your accounts once they are set up. Reach out to us today!

About the Author

Alex Newell
Alex Newell Senior Sourcing Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the Direct Mail industry, Alex Newell has become a leader in many areas of the field and is currently working as Senior Sourcing Manager for Production Solutions. In that role, he is responsible for supplier relations, postal issues, and RFP management. A graduate of the University of Maine, he has also received his MBA from Northeastern University with a dual-concentration in Supply Chain Management and Sustainability. 

Alex lives in the Portland, Maine area with his wife, two kids, and more pets than might seem reasonable! He spends his free time on golf, hockey, camping, and travelling with his family and friends.