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The PS Secret Ingredient

Production Solutions

What makes for successfully managing direct mail campaigns during these times of uncertainty and volatility?

When challenges arise how do we here at PS manage to keep our cool and pivot on a dime when a hurricane shuts down the entire eastern seaboard, or when wildfires rage through a state shutting down west coast post offices, or when a large scale paper producer shuts its doors suddenly? Of course, we believe that thoughtful planning, thorough preparation, forward-thinking vision, customer service dedication, and flawless execution are all essential ingredients to set up our clients programs up for continued success throughout the complex production cycle.

But, we also have a secret ingredient…our incredible Resource Team!

These masters of supplier relations, postal logistics prodigies, crystal ball-gazing forecasters and treasure hunters constantly seek opportunities to maximize efficiencies up and down the direct mail landscape. How do they work their magic? They are relentless in their pursuit of futuristic, innovative, creative solutions to problems. They prepare by attending industry conferences, keep themselves up to date by training for emerging technologies and platforms, and we are happy to share their knowledge through webinars, blogs and on social media. These talented folks perform myriad functions that enable us to provide agile solutions to our clients. They implement complex supplier ranking matrices, perform no-obligation production and postage assessments and stay in constant communication with suppliers to create redundancies that minimize risk – and that is just a small glimpse into what they do on a day-to-day basis.

With our Resource Team helping to guide our steps, we walk confidently into the future with sure feet, armed with the information and tools that we need to execute our client’s programs to the highest possible standards. The work they do allows us to execute our mission with clear eyes: To benefit and enhance every organization we serve. They truly lead the charge on helping us to predict the future by creating the one that we want.

Want to know what’s possible for your program? Contact us today to learn more about how you can receive a no-obligation production audit to find hidden value in your direct mail program!