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This could be the biggest threat to fundraising EVER and we only have until noon Wednesday May 25, 2016 to stop it.

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Warning gifThe “warning label bill” is working its way through the California assembly as we speak and it could have disastrous implications for nonprofit fundraising.

If passed, California’s AB 2855 Bill will require all nonprofits raising funds in California to “include a prominent link on the home page of the internet website that immediately directs all consumers to the Attorney General’s internet website, which contains information about consumer rights and protections and charity research resources.”

The bill goes on to include the link requirement on “a document produced, or on behalf of, a charity for the solicitation for charitable purposes…”

That’s right, a link that takes potential donors away from your website to a law enforcement site that quite frankly is no different from Charity Navigator or Guidestar. What’s more is that these requirements extend to religious organizations, higher education institutions, and all other nonprofits regardless of that organization’s exemption from current fundraising and reporting requirements in California.

This doesn’t just impact organizations based in California. Let’s say you’re a university with alumni who happen to live in California. If you want their contribution to support your mission, this requirement extends to you as well.

International relief organizations who may have current or future supporters in California will have to include this link as well. ANY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT SEEKS TO OR MAY POTENTIALLY RECEIVE DONOR DOLLARS FROM CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS WILL BE AFFECTED.

This could be the biggest threat to fundraising … EVER.

We understand as fundraisers that our donors have rights that should be protected at all times, and we also understand that there are some individuals and organizations that seek to circumvent these rights and prey on the charitable nature of donors all over the world, but this bill will do more harm than it will good.

It is URGENT that you take action today! We only have until noon on Wednesday May 25, 2016 to stop it. California Appropriations Committee Chair Lorena Gonzales (D-Chula Vista) will decide whether to allow AB 2855 to go to the floor for a full assembly vote. Persuading her committee to hold the bill is our best hope to stop it.

Share this downloadable Action Bulletin from The Agitator with your Development and Communications staff ASAP. Action must be taken now.

Our PS|PS Digital Team is standing by our nonprofit partners and making our own phone calls to stop this bill before it goes to committee. Please contact a member of our team if you have any questions.

Special thanks to Roger Craver at The Agitator and Robert Tigner General Counsel at ADRFCO for alerting us to this information. You can contact Robert at 202-293-9640 or