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Top 3 Takeaways from DMAW’s Innovative Formats Integrated Techniques Seminar

Production Solutions

Several members of the PS|PS Digital team attended the DMAW’s Innovative Formats Integrated Techniques (IFIT) Seminar on March 7th to join presentations on a variety of topics ranging from static clings, magnets, tokens and variable data match mailings to telemarketing efforts and augmented reality.

With many of our supplier partners presenting their formats, based on innovative technique and format, cost-effective production and measured success amongst donors or customers, we’re here to share with you our top 3 takeaways from the day:

  1. What’s old can be reinvented as new, or at least repurposed.

If you are looking to update a notecard package without converting to a heavy premium package, this might be your solution! As Innovative format - Mini Notecardsan alternative to a 5-card traditional 5×7 card format, a mini notecard may give a lift to a more mission-based package. Mini notecards mail out at letter rates, which equates to significant savings on postage and inserting.

Another example that was shared at the seminar was a variation of the traditional name & address label sheet. An integrated label sheet incorporates the letter and label premium into one form, which would eliminate match mailings between the label and letter form – another potential cost savings opportunity.

  1. Get it opened! 

Innovative Format - Variable Image EnvelopesYou know the hurdle – step one: getting your recipient to open your mail piece. To combat this, IFIT provided a sampling of unique stocks, inks, and varnishes that can work to engage your donors’ visual and sensory interests – and may make your package stand out in a stack of mail ready to be disposed of.

The latest technology in versioning and variable data printing has also proven to be successful. With high-speed variable color now more affordable, it can be more efficient to do an all-in-one print and personalization production process. Organizations now have the option to incorporate true one-on-one personalized graphics to really speak to the individual donor and also, reduce cycle time and improve response.


  1. Creative folds and visual tricks can add interest without adding cost.Innovative Format - Creative Folds

If your mail piece isn’t getting looked at, it isn’t effective. Create an entertaining piece by incorporating creative folds. This creates a sense of curiosity as they open each section. By requiring recipients to engage and manipulate the piece, it enhances the appeal to prospects and donors. Also, these can be cheaper to produce and mail compared to dimensional direct mail pieces, so they provide a great cost-effective alternative.

Do something different on your next direct mail campaign and see the results. Our PS|PS Digital team is ready to discuss these (and more!) innovative formats with you. Contact us today to see how you can shake up the status quo!