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Why Use a Production Management Company?

Production Solutions

There are many crucial components to efficient and effective direct mail fundraising and we believe nonprofits are best served when there is an expert from each discipline, collaborating together, but contributing from the perspective of their specific area of expertise. Production management is ours.   

During this week’s DMFA Production Seminar in Boston, MA, attendees heard from several industry experts (Joel Kaufman, Gary Weinberg, Debbie Sylvester, Gerri Zimbardi, Meg Ferguson and Joe Gomez) in the areas of printing, lettershop services, and mail logistics.

This event served as a reminder that partnering with a production management firm can have a positive, measurable impact on nonprofits and their staff. Our production management experts, Meg Ferguson and Joe Gomez, shared with attendees the following key benefits of working with a top-notch production management partner:

  • Cut costs without compromising creativity, strategy or quality. With over 30 years of experience and access to many nonprofit organizations, we have learned a thing or two along the way. We happily provide valuable, informed feedback on format ideas, trends, techniques to maximize your budget and improve your ROI.

    Because we partner with a network of more than 125 suppliers, we do not have a vested interest or bias in which package formats you test or rollout with. The goal is to provide a cost-effective solution for every product and service need, as well as the security of having contingency plans for our contingency plans.
  • Placing your program in the right hands will save big dollars. Due to the high mail volume managed annually and our longevity and reputation in the industry, we are able to provide cost savings and ganging opportunities that could not be realized by going direct to suppliers. 

    Most nonprofits cannot afford to staff an expert in all direct mail disciplines, and don’t need to…until they do. PS provides you with a designated team and access to additional resources and expertise available at a moment’s notice when different needs and challenges arise.

  • The right fit will provide true partnership and accountability. As a trusted partner, we ultimately serve as an extension of your team. Team assimilation, development and execution of standard operating procedures, and knowing your organizational requirements and preferences are critical. We provide a second set of eyes to prevent mistakes and missteps and if something goes wrong, we are active participants in the resolution.

Having a reliable partner to manage the products, services, relationships and overall processes associated with production management frees you up to focus on your donors, mission, programs, events and a myriad of other responsibilities that seem to be growing more and more each day!