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What is the USPS’ Earned Value Promotion?

Shannon Azbill Shannon Azbill Senior Sourcing Manager


The Earned Value Promotion (EVP) has a reputation of the least understood USPS mailing promo of the year. If you read the USPS’ fine print about the promo, it talks about MID’s/STID’s/CRID’s/ShareMail and, well, you lost me there…

However, EVP is one of the simplest of the USPS Mailing Promotions to take advantage of. The USPS wants to encourage the use of reply mail, and this promotion is all about rewarding those who do! With many Nonprofits leveraging reply mail in their mail pieces it seems like a no brainer to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have an Intelligent Mail barcode on your return envelope, you should think about registering for the EVP promo as your organization could get a nice little chunk of change from the USPS! Cha-Ching!

This is how it works:

  1. Production Solutions will help register your MID for the promotion in Business Customer Gateway (BCG) by March 31 2021.
  2. The USPS tallies the number of returned mail pieces with the registered MID from April 1 – June 30 2021.
  3. The USPS issues a credit for each of the counted returns by September 15 to an active USPS permit (we have one to use, if you don’t!).
  4. PS applies this credit towards postage on one of your mailings this Fall!

This promotion requires minimal planning, zero investment and minimal effort — it is only a matter of getting registered with the USPS. Your friends at PS will help facilitate the entire process to make it easy for you. There are a few situations where EVP may not be a viable promotion to run, but for most of PS’ clients it should be a very easy win! When’s the last time the Postal Service has paid YOU to mail? It doesn’t happen often, so get on board and take advantage of the easiest USPS Mailing Promotion to participate in.

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Shannon Azbill
Shannon Azbill Senior Sourcing Manager

Shannon, PS’ Senior Sourcing Manager, has been serving with PS
since 2010. Shannon telecommutes from Trinity, Florida, and
she loves to play tennis, take wildlife photos and spend time
with her dog, Boz. Shannon also is interested in music, and
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Shannon has held a variety of production-related positions in
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