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Why Choose Variable Data Printing?

Andrea Bentley Andrea Bentley Director of Supplier Relations

Through the use of print, nonprofit organizations across the nation make an impact that lasts. Variable Data Printing (VDP) helps take their direct mail campaigns to a new level through its advanced technology allowing for greater personalization.

As a form of digital printing, VDP enables elements such as text, graphics and images to be changed from one printed piece to the next. Whatever your direct target market may be, VDP allows you to connect to your donors on a more personal and authentic level.

Additional benefits that come with the use of VDP include:

  • Reduction of pre-printed materials = less inventory
  • Print only the number of pieces required at the time of the mailing = less spoilage/overs
  • Potential for reduced shipping expenses (if your mailshop is the supplier producing the materials)
  • Greater print quality consistency

The Production Solutions team continues to investigate the VDP application as it leads itself into the industry to benefit our clients. VDP has the potential to accelerate the missions of nonprofits and reach a larger audience, and PS is here to explore this technology into the future. Enabling you to catch the attention of your recipient with relevant, distinctive messaging, VDP grants the power to try new things and become even more innovative.

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Andrea Bentley
Andrea Bentley Director of Supplier Relations

Andrea, PS’ Director of Supplier Relations, has been serving
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