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Why Investing in Yourself Leads to Organizational Success

Production Solutions

Famous investor Warren Buffett said it best: “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

There comes a point in a person’s career when they think, “what’s next?” Whether it’s because you feel unchallenged or you feel out of balance with the tasks of your role always taking priority over your growth and development, the curiosity should often lead to a necessary change of investing in yourself.

By utilizing this vantage point, you will find this balance is possible and necessary for your own well-being, the well-being of those you lead, and for the organizations and donors we all serve.

The need for talent cultivation within the nonprofit sector is at a critical point, and growing the future leaders and drivers of our programs must be a daily practice. It’s critical for leadership, at every level and position in a company, to be developed, encouraged, and exhibited, each and every day. This focus is a huge driver in the success and engagement levels within an organization. The more employees that are inspired and engaged in a company, the more resilient, collaborative, and positive they will be in order to grow the company into the future – regardless of the obstacles at hand.

It is not easy, or always comfortable, to get away from our usual day and experiences, stretch our perspectives, and practice new thought patterns and behaviors. Nor is it easy to feel like putting your personal development first, over anything else, is the best decision. Ultimately, it is the right decision, as this choice is often something we put off to “tomorrow”, only to find that weeks, months, or even years have gone by and our personal development portfolio is stagnant. Standards being raised a little each day, for all of us, is key to sustaining growth and success, and frankly what the business world demands for survival.

Learn how to develop a purpose statement and understand why this is essential for your career advancement and your program’s success at The ANA DC Nonprofit Conference this Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Production Solutions’ President, Ben Harris, along with Jeff Kost of Capital Caring, Kerry Lenahan of American Diabetes Association, and John Perell of Smithsonian Institution, will share the importance of treating your colleagues and employees like donors with simple, low-cost techniques you can implement right away.