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Key Takeaways from DMAW’s Digital Day

Production Solutions

We’re back! And with even more digital tools in our toolbox.

Production Solutions (PS) team members were excited to take part in another well attended DMAW event, the Digital Day Forum on June 7 in Washington, DC. Held at the District Architecture Center, the single day event covered tech trends, digital discovery and how organizations can elevate engagement with donors. Specific session topics offered deep dives into donation page optimization, Facebook ads, using SMS and Facebook Messenger, utilizing data to mobilize supporters, and, still such a hot topic, GDPR.

While PS has attended several webinars and luncheons surrounding GDPR, the session devoted to GDPR at Digital Day (led by Rosa Del Angel, Beaconfire-RED), was especially insightful, providing information with tactical applications in a clear and concise format.

Another favorite was Test for Success, led by Donna Arriaga, Senior Director at PMX Agency. The session shared valuable insights from discovery and analysis through asset creation and reporting. Getting back to the scientific roots of testing (did you ever think you would be creating hypotheses after high school?) allows organizations to develop and implement testing plans while mitigating the inherent risks involved.

Finding Your Disruption with Justin McCord at RKD Group and Chris Copley at the American Kidney Fund, offered several insights on how to authentically communicate with your donors during a disaster. Some of the tangible tips: utilizing an iPhone forward in an email signature and having email signers representing different organizational perspectives and even personalities, beyond titles and roles.

And what digital forum would be complete without discussions surrounding Facebook ads? We were pleased to see DMAW go even further, offering an additional session on the use of SMS and Facebook Messenger for broadcast messaging for a call to action, rapid response alert or even fundraising.

Did you know?

  • Americans send or receive 41.5 text messages every day
  • Texts are estimated to have a 99% open rate and an average response rate of 90 seconds
  • Email open and response rates are down 6% and 8% respectively
  • Facebook ads featuring human faces average 4% higher conversion rate lifts
  • Animated ads saw a 7% higher conversion rate with 6-9 seconds being the sweet spot for length

With this and so much more, we would love to expand further on the many takeaways from this event. Reach out to us today to add more effective digital tools to your toolbox.