Drew Wilson

Production Solutions

Drew, a fearless leader at PS, is the Senior Vice President of
Operations, and has been serving with PS since 2003. Drew
telecommutes full-time from Saint Joseph, Michigan, and he
enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, his daughter, Hadley,
and his dog, Baker. He also is interested in binge watching TV
shows, bowling and routing for the New England Patriots!
Drew served as a Production Director from 2006 – 2010, a
Director of Resource from 2010 – 2012, Vice President from
2012 – 2015, Director of Continuous Improvement 2015-2018
and is now the Senior Vice President of Operations. Drew
focuses on making sure the company thrives by making
improvements each day to become the best company possible
for PS employees, clients and suppliers. Drew’s commitment to
PS’ strategic plan and his positive approach with everyone he
works with is inspiring.