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The Good, The Bad, and the Truth about Ganged Print Runs 

Trends in direct mail fundraising come and go every year. One year it was personalized notepads. The year before that, it was Auto-Pen personalization. Still, another was Mini-Notecards. Some trends stick for certain programs and become control packages; many more serve a purpose only in smaller niche segments. But one trend that has been, and always will be in style is – REDUCING COSTS….


The Future of Direct Mail is Personalization 

You have heard it countless times … personalization is key in direct mail. Adding additional personalization to your mail can allow you to not only connect to your donors with additional data points, but it can also open up additional creative opportunities by allowing you to add specific color, image, and design elements that are…


Political Mail vs. Election Mail: Why 2020 Is The Year to Pay Attention to these Terms

Each year more and more Americans count on the Postal Service to cast their votes, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic many are curious of the options. Even amongst the pandemic the Postal Service and mailers across the country are preparing for the November 2020 general election which will include numerous congressional, state and…


Look for the Helpers

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”  Mister Rogers During times of crisis, we often see the best and the worst of people. What is happening right now with COVID-19…


Urgent Grams Get Your Message Out Fast!

Rapid response mailings are a fantastic way to get your message out fast! Often colloquially referred to as “urgent grams”, these mailings may include off-the-shelf materials or quick turn digitally printed content, and take days (instead of weeks!) to mail. To execute urgent grams effectively you need tested formats from which to choose, lightning fast…


2020 Decennial Census: What You Need to Know! 

The 2020 Decennial Census, conducted by the federal government and mandated by our constitution is landing in our mailboxes this week! The Census is critical as it helps determine how many seats our states get in congress, shapes what federal funding looks like in your local community for schools, fire departments, infrastructure programs and so…


How-To: Remote Working!

The ability to work from home has many perks, but has its drawbacks as well. Even though it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to skip the commute, reduce your carbon footprint, have a more adaptive schedule to care for your family and still remain productive, it can sometimes feel isolating and requires us to…


The Production Lifecycle

The work that a Production partner does to add value and transform a client’s direct mail program into reality is incredibly valuable. Understand the different milestones within the Production Lifecycle as a Production expert does!  Milestone 1: Pre-Production To begin, like any successful operation, planning, budgeting and scheduling of a direct mail campaign have to…


Ben’s Bookshelf

Out of the many tools and resources Ben Harris, President of Production Solutions, utilizes to grow and lead a thriving and infinite culture, a few books (and podcasts) have made a difference in his life, making him more of an “impactivist” than ever before. Pick up one of these books, turn up the volume on…


Introducing Production 101!

Welcome to Production 101! We are excited to share this 12-month blog series that will provide insights and education about all things Production!  Our experts are excited to share their knowledge and guide you through a wide array of topics that will give you a total overview of the complex production process.  We will dive…