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Going Green: Get to Know the Basics of Green Paper

There is no getting around it – in direct mail we use a LOT of paper! The good news is paper is a renewable resource, and there are many options to ensure your organization’s values on sustainability and conservation are supported by your paper choices. The following information may help you sort through some of…


What is the USPS’ Earned Value Promotion?

EVP! EVP! EVP! The Earned Value Promotion (EVP) has a reputation of the least understood USPS mailing promo of the year. If you read the USPS’ fine print about the promo, it talks about MID’s/STID’s/CRID’s/ShareMail and, well, you lost me there… However, EVP is one of the simplest of the USPS Mailing Promotions to take…


Production 201: Data Security

In today’s digitally diversified data environment, coupled with our complex world, security can appear to be a large endeavor to build and integrate into an organization. Our world is filled with words like “cloud technology”, “Firewall” and “Ransomware” and organizations are now faced with ever changing business initiatives, technological advancements, and automation. Further, there is…



Data management can be a challenging task for any organization, even ones that do it as their main service offering! There are so many ways to analyze and interpret your mailfiles, so how do you know if you’re doing enough to keep your lists well-maintained? Production Solutions is here to help provide options and answers…


The Postal Logistics of Mail Tracking

The greatest advantage of mail tracking: being in the know! You can do so much with inbound reply and outbound mail tracking, leveraging this technology is extremely valuable and gives you many advantages!   Mail tracking is a quality control measure and allows for a way to check that everything you thought was going to happen,…


BenLightenment | VUCA: Volatile

Show notes: “Hello everyone, welcome back! My name is Ben Harris, president with Production Solutions, in the video series called ‘How to thrive in a VUCAFIED world’! In this video, we’re going to dive into the first letter of the acronym VUCA, which stands for: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Volatile is in its simplest…


BenLightenment | How to Thrive in a VUCAFIED World

Show notes: “Hello everyone, welcome to another BENLightenment video series. My name is Ben Harris, president with Production Solutions, and our intention with this video series is bring you fresh insights and inspirations so that you can bring and be your best self at work and in life each and every day. So let’s dive…


BenLightenment | Drink a Green Smoothie Each Day

 Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, president with Production Solutions, sharing bonus tip #6 from the video series “5 Self Innovation Tips” from the the BenLightenment video series here at Production Solutions. And bonus tip #6 is to a green smoothie every day, once a day, early in the morning or mid morning….


BenLightenment | Find A Hero

Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, president with Production Solutions. Back at you with the BenLightenment video series on ‘5 Self Innovation Tips!’ Tip number 5: Find a Hero (or Heroine)! You can do that in so many ways today, in 2020. Whether it be Youtube, Instagram, podcasts, books, blogs, medium, wherever it might…


BenLightenment | Cultivate Emotional Agility

Show notes: “Hello, everyone, Ben Harris here again, President with Production Solution, sharing tip #4, in the video series, Benlightenment: “5 Tips for Self Innovation,” to help you in a time where we are all going through significant change and uncertainty in our lives, both at work and life! Tip number four is about cultivating…