Meg Ferguson

Production Solutions

Meg, a determined team player, is a Business Development
Director and has been serving with PS since 2016. Meg
telecommutes from Pasadena, Maryland, and she loves
spending time with her husband, Brian, their sons, Davis and
Wyatt, and their lab mix, Zoe. Meg also enjoys running, reading,
hiking, and sketching, and she routes for the Redskins and any
team her sons play for!
With over 19 years in our industry, Meg is determined to deliver
an impeccable service experience to her clients. Meg’s clients
include American Rivers, Avalon, National Parks Conservation
Association, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Alliance
for Retired Americans, Help Me See, Humane Association,
Galapagos, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, NMAI, NMAAHC,
Save the Redwoods and John Mini Consulting, and they are
fortunate to have her and her ambition to succeed.