Meredith Piemme

Production Solutions

Meredith, a passionate team player, is a Business Development
Director and she has been serving PS since 2018. Meredith is
from Centreville, Virginia, and she loves to spend time with her
husband, Josh, and her kids, Gabe, Eli, Liz, and Maggie, and their
dog, Belle. Meredith also enjoys travel, adventure, reading,
making things and exercising. Her favorite holiday is
Thanksgiving and she has a love-hate relationship with her
Meredith has over 20 years of experience in graphic design and
print, and over 8 years of experience in the direct mail and
nonprofit industry. Meredith has a determination to ensure that
each of her clients have an impeccable service experience, and
her kindness and humor, and her ambition for investing in
success are just some of the reasons why Meredith promotes
such value in the PS family.