Stephen Prasser

Production Solutions

A dedicated Senior Account Manager, Stephen has been serving with PS since 2007. Stephen has a passion for relationship building and mentoring, and it shows in all realms of his work – whether with new hires, current colleagues, valued clients, or treasured suppliers. Described as technical and communicative, Stephen is highly proficient in PS’ databases and processes which are integral to all facets of operation. Excelling at communicating authentically, he has proven talent in collaboration and problem solving across departments. Keen on conscious leadership and institutional awareness, Stephen is a thought leader and drives engagement across the company, always leading by example. Prior to working at PS, he worked in multiple civilian sector industries, and his experience has evolved  Stephen into a positive and personal expert with an investment in success. 

Stephen lives in Bealeton, Virginia where he telecommutes full time. He has 8 rescued feline “kids”, and he enjoys volunteering as a Youth Group Leader at his church. Stephen also works as a tour guide at a winery with a vast civil war history on weekends! In 2015, Stephen retired from the Air Force Reserves after 30 years of service in five different branches of the military. Stephen has an interest in psychology, enjoys traveling and he loves Italian food!