Wayne Lizama

Production Solutions

Wayne, a financial leader, is the CFO for Production Solutions
and the COO for the Moore DM Group. Wayne is from
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and he loves to spend time with his
wife, Deb, his sons, Christian and Austin, and their dog, Sammi.
Wayne also likes to golf, and he had orthodontic braces from the
fourth grade through his junior year of college!
Wayne oversees growth and sustainability initiatives to ensure
PS is poised to meet the needs of our nonprofit and B2B clients.
He has spent over 20 years building a nimble and fiscally
responsible organization that understands the unique and
financial challenges and goals of PS’ clients and positions them
to focus on their missions. He stewards PS into the future and it
is his job to maintain our stability in order to be an effective
fundraising partner. Wayne’s positive and personal approach to
the PS staff is inspiring and endearing.