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Postage Rate Predictions for 2015 – August 2014 Update

In April, the Postal Service submitted a motion to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) requesting the exigent increase become a permanent pricing adjustment. The PRC has since denied that motion, thus the exigent increase will continue to be a temporary surcharge until the Postal Service recoups their losses caused by the 2008-2011 recession. The PRC…


USPS Conducts Exigent Rollback Survey

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently sent a survey to particular mail owners to obtain their feedback on how they would prefer the next price change to occur. As you may know, the PRC decision defined the exigent increase as a surcharge. That surcharge is to last only as long as it takes…


How much will postage increase in 2015?

PS makes an educated prediction. In 2014, the mailing industry had to bear an outstanding postage increase of close to 6%; which consisted of a 1.7% CPI increase and a 4.3% exigent surcharge. Fortunately for the industry, the USPS must follow strict regulations when filing for rate increases. Unless congress passes new legislation, we will…


Production Solutions 2014 Postage Rates Chart

Compliments of Production Solutions – Our new 2014 Postage Rates chart! Production Solutions has pieced together the most important information you will need in this handy, info-at-a-glance Postage Rates chart to help make your life easier. This year, the largest postage hike in the history of the USPS will leave many nonprofits not only wondering…