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Production 101


VDP & Connecting to the Donor’s Values

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows text, images, graphics, etc., for each donor’s mail piece, to be completely personalized for them. This personalization is all powered by data. For example, you can print a full program of brochures with the same basic layout (size, paper, etc.), but each individual brochure can have a different color scheme, data, and image(s) which relates personally to your donor.  VDP allows you…


Envelope Fundamentals – Learning the Basics!

PS sat down with Michele Rosenberger, Senior Sourcing Manager, to get the low-down on envelopes and all that you need to know about them for a successful campaign. Check out this quick but informative Q&A with Michele, a Resource/Production Expert: PS: Are there standard sized envelopes and is there an advantage to using one instead…


Does Direct Mail Have You Seeing…Pink?

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent days, nights, weekends perfecting your direct mail package. Tweaked your copy, agonized over your asks, selected the perfect pictures. Then the day arrives, your samples are here! You tear open your package, so excited to see your efforts on paper and it’s beauti…. wait, why is that pink?! It’s supposed to…


Paper Choices: How We Know What Type of Paper to Use! 

There are many things to consider when choosing paper. What is the intended use? Will the recipient need to write on the paper to return it to the sender? Do we need a special color for the paper?  First and foremost, I like to consider what the paper will be used for and what the goal of sending…


Production 201: Data Security

In today’s digitally diversified data environment, coupled with our complex world, security can appear to be a large endeavor to build and integrate into an organization. Our world is filled with words like “cloud technology”, “Firewall” and “Ransomware” and organizations are now faced with ever changing business initiatives, technological advancements, and automation. Further, there is…


Last Stage of the Production Process: Post-Production!

Here at Production Solutions, the process for billing a client’s project is completely customized. Our main difference on the market in the post-production realm is that we tailor and adjust to all your needs.   All Account Manager have five to seven days from the maildate to bill the job, so they are responsible for sending…


The Postal Logistics of Mail Tracking

The greatest advantage of mail tracking: being in the know! You can do so much with inbound reply and outbound mail tracking, leveraging this technology is extremely valuable and gives you many advantages!   Mail tracking is a quality control measure and allows for a way to check that everything you thought was going to happen,…


Navigating the USPS with the help of PS!

We love Direct Mail! Even in today’s digital revolution, it is still one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to reach donors and create fundraising campaigns. After all the time spent perfecting the right mailpiece, building the best list, and planning for the ideal maildate, the last hurdle is the United States Post Office….


The Role of a Mailshop!

The role of a mailshop is multifaceted. A mailshop is a company that specializes in preparing direct mail packages for mailing. After all the strategy preparation, the client has supplied data, and PS has managed the printed components, everything finally comes together at the mailshop. Production Solutions’ mailshop partners are production, postal, and logistics experts…


Let’s Get Personal!

Who doesn’t love to get a good old-fashioned handwritten letter or card in the mail these days?  With the acceleration of technology, we are inundated with emails, 280-character tweets or 60 second TikToks.  Getting a piece of mail that you can touch and feel really stands out.  And the only mail we get any more…