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2020 USPS Promotions Are Back!

Exciting news! The United States Postal Service (USPS) will continue its special offers and incentives program for nonprofit mailers in 2020. These promotions are a terrific way to experiment, save money and perhaps drive higher response rates for your mail program. Drumroll, please… Below are the USPS Promotions for 2020! Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Mailpiece…


Spotlight On: Andrea Bentley

Andrea Bentley, our Director of Supplier Relations, has been serving the PS team, our supplier partners and our clients since 2007. Andrea leads fearlessly in all areas of her work, but it’s during this busy production season that she truly shines and deserves so much praise and recognition!   Andrea is a pacesetter and leader. This…


Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Everyone has bad habits they’d like to change, good habits they’d like to improve upon and aspirations to adopt habits that will positively impact their lives. It can be daunting to know where to begin and challenging to have the motivation to put them into practice! Carolyn Angelini, the Director of Resource and Supplier Relations…


Why Do People Want to Give?

Recently, Production Solutions’ Senior Manager of Strategic Development, Michelle Johnston, attended the inaugural DonorVoice Behavioral Science Symposium in which fundraising practitioners gathered to deepen their knowledge base on the realities that charities face in terms of understanding the driving behavior of their donor base. Through all of the research, data and analysis, a very simple…


Investing In Success

Nonprofits often struggle to retain talent because of wage gaps and hectic demands. Our Senior Marketing Manager, Jaime McQueen, recently shared some terrific and easy to implement strategies and tactics that NPO leaders can put in place to increase their odds of keeping top performers, create a deep bench of talent from within, and elevate…


Unleash the Hidden Potential in Your Direct Mail Program

Our direct mail production health check is an industry-leading, groundbreaking approach that ensures your program is calibrated for peak performance, insulated from volatility in the markets, set up for stability now and sustained for a healthy future. Let’s get started – contact us today!


Planning for the 2020 Election Mail Cycle

On September 19th, the Direct Marketing Association of Washington held a Lunch & Learn in Washington, D.C. to talk about 2020 Election Planning. The discussion included some great information about making the most of an election year mail cycle and ideas you can incorporate into your non-profit mailings from the political world.   The five key…


The Rise of Super Agents

In this age of acceleration and of artificial intelligence (AI), it is certain that more and more jobs will be automated as we move into the future. As this shift towards AI continues to develop, some customer service jobs will disappear, while some jobs will flourish – only the top-tier customer service experts that excel…


Leading with the Right “Heartset”

In this increasingly challenging world, it’s imperative for organizations to create a culture that fosters not only the right mindset, but also the right “heartset.” What makes your heartset so important? As humans, the majority of our actions stem from some form of emotion. Our behaviors are motivated by joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, weariness,…


Creating Your Giving Mission Statement

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Young Philanthropist’s Annual Summit and took away some great nuggets from an amazing session called “Give Back, Get Back” hosted by Sarah Holtzinger and Bailey Logan of Signature Family Advisors. Sarah and Bailey shared how they work with families on giving strategies that help define one’s personal…