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10 Keys to Telecommuting Success

Did you know nearly four million employees in the U.S. telecommute?* That’s almost 3% of the entire workforce. Clearly, there must be something to this whole “working-from-home” phenomenon. Here at Production Solutions, we are proud to have over 40% of our employees telecommute at least a two days per week and the benefits are distinct:…


Leadership: It’s (Much) More Than a Job Title

If you’re a member of any business networking website, you’ve undoubtedly seen a meme that shows Richard Branson or possibly some other uber-wealthy entrepreneur, proclaiming “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” That’s certainly an inspiring message, but what does…


Fundraising Gone Global: Key Takeaways from IFC

Two weeks ago, the Resource Alliance hosted the 2017 International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in the Netherlands. Our very own Chief Relationship Officer, Greg Albright, packed his bags and traveled across the pond to partake in the 4-day congress that brought fundraisers and change-makers together to collaborate, educate, and innovate with one another on social changes…


National Cyber Security Awareness Month: 10 Tips to Stay Safe and Secure Online

This October marks the 14th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a time to focus on how cybersecurity is our shared responsibility to keep the internet safe for all of us. As collaborative effort between the US government and our industry, it ensures that Americans have the resources they need to stay safe and…


How Mail Tracking Reports Ensure Dependable Mail Handling

There was a recent article in the Washington Post highlighting an OIG (Office of Inspector General) audit report that determined the USPS did not accurately account for the on-hand delayed mail within their facilities, essentially ‘underreporting’ their figures. While the report estimated billions of delayed mail to the facilities during the audit timeframe, rest assured,…


Ensure Your Message and Mission Get Delivered Through Trigger Campaigns

Trigger campaigns are exactly what they sound like – event based campaigns launched on the occurrence of a specific activity. The benefit and value of using a trigger campaign is simple: having different types of media all delivered around the same time targeting a given topic or goal helps reach your donors on multiple levels….


Supercharge Your 2017 #GivingTuesday Campaign: Do These 9 Things NOW!

Five years ago, an ambitious idea for a designated day of giving came to fruition. #GivingTuesday was born out of a collective of fundraisers, strategists, and other social do-gooders and it raised $12 million in its first year. In 2016, that number surpassed $170 million. In fact, the once blip-on-the-fundraising-radar has turned into a movement…


Update on Mail Operations Impacted by Hurricanes (AS OF 10/4/17)

Production Solutions is in contact with our direct mail clients regarding mail operations impacted by natural disasters. We are committed to bringing you the latest updates to keep you informed on how to handle your mailings during weather disruptions. At this time, the USPS has opened almost all branches located in Texas and Florida, with…


5 Signs Your Email Marketing Strategy Needs a Makeover

With year-end quickly approaching, how well is your organization’s digital strategy performing so far? If your marketing messages and initiatives aren’t driving the results you need, your digital program, specifically your email marketing, may need some attention. According to the 2017 Digital Outlook Report, 62% of the nonprofits and charities surveyed have no digital program….


2017 Bridge Takeaways for Better Fundraising Results

The 2017 Bridge Conference allowed participants to interact with nonprofit leaders, discussing successful tactics in the direct marketing and fundraising industry.