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Finite Space, Infinite Productivity

After months of planning and preparing, Production Solutions (PS) is eager to announce a minor relocation of office space and the infinite opportunities that lie ahead. Creating an open, modern atmosphere with ample natural light and areas dedicated to meeting and collaborating, PS is moving from Suite 600 to Suite 500. Communicating with all departments,…


Why Choose Variable Data Printing?

Through the use of print, nonprofit organizations across the nation make an impact that lasts. Variable Data Printing (VDP) helps take their direct mail campaigns to a new level through its advanced technology allowing for greater personalization. As a form of digital printing, VDP enables elements such as text, graphics and images to be changed…


Where is the Future of Postal Rate Mailing Headed?

The mailing industry is seeing an abundance of ideas that might bring an end to what we’ve known as the CPI based increases over the past 12 years, but the jury’s still out on what the future may hold. Here’s the breakdown of what you need to know at this time:   Two postal reform…


Key Takeaways from DMAW’s Digital Day

We’re back! And with even more digital tools in our toolbox. Production Solutions (PS) team members were excited to take part in another well attended DMAW event, the Digital Day Forum on June 7 in Washington, DC. Held at the District Architecture Center, the single day event covered tech trends, digital discovery and how organizations…


Are you ready to MAIL ANYWHERE?

Throughout history, there have been moments in time that have forever altered the course of humanity. Minor shifts in a controlling organization’s previously convoluted regulations that lead to revolutionary, life-changing effects on those that abide by its rules. Only during these seminal events can one truly see the good in the overseeing organization. This is…


The Role of Direct Mail in Nonprofits

Did you know that 7-8% of nonprofits* are technically insolvent? 30% have lost money over the last three years and nearly 50% have less than one month of operating reserves. These figures are even more alarming as nonprofits are responsible for 5.5% of US GDP as well employing just over 10% of the workforce and…


Paper Market Update: Longer Lead Times & Rising Prices

Over the past few months the paper market has become more challenging to navigate due to consolidation and allocation restrictions at many paper mills. These factors, combined with the rising prices of pulp and current demands on the transportation industry (shortage of truck drivers and hourly driving restrictions), have led to a disparity in supply…


2018 National Postal Forum Shines Importance on Informed Customers

Last week our postal specialists, Carolyn Angelini and Alex Newell, attended the National Postal Forum in San Antonio, Texas. Experts from all corners of the industry gathered to share their knowledge and detail the ever-evolving future of the mailing industry and the United States Postal Service. Participants discussed how direct mail remains the cornerstone of…


18NTC: PS Digital takes on the Big Easy!

With my five collective years working on digital nonprofit marketing, I consider myself fairly new on the nonprofit scene. I tend to ask a lot of questions and I’d like to think of myself as a sponge; eager to soak up as much knowledge as possible. So when offered the chance to attend the fabulous…


Promoting Self Care through #WellnessWednesdays

How are you holding up with your New Year’s resolutions? After all, the most difficult part is keeping up with it, right? The first two weeks are easy – your motivation, will, and drive are through the roof. Weeks 3-4 and as we move into the beginning of February is where the real test begins….