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Production 101


Printing Envelopes & Flatwork: Ink On Paper

To serve our client’s needs, Production Solutions (PS) focuses on the impact our client wants to make with their mailing, the intention behind it, and the quantity of the project using our wide network of supplier partner relationships. Let’s learn about the specifics of printing and how PS adds value to your work through our…


Printing: What You Need to Know 

Once we get the design process right, it is time to print! The key components of a mailing must be determined and communicated upfront between the client and the production partner to be sure the print process goes according to plan. Learn about four of the major factors that play into finding the best supplier…


Getting The Design Process Right

Design. It’s one of the initial stages of any mail campaign. In fact, it’s one of the first steps on the list – share your preliminary art with your production team at PS! Putting a critical eye on preliminary art will ensure you don’t run into any surprises down the road. First, a mockup of…


The Production Lifecycle

The work that a Production partner does to add value and transform a client’s direct mail program into reality is incredibly valuable. Understand the different milestones within the Production Lifecycle as a Production expert does!  Milestone 1: Pre-Production To begin, like any successful operation, planning, budgeting and scheduling of a direct mail campaign have to…


Introducing Production 101!

Welcome to Production 101! We are excited to share this 12-month blog series that will provide insights and education about all things Production!  Our experts are excited to share their knowledge and guide you through a wide array of topics that will give you a total overview of the complex production process.  We will dive…