BenLightenment | Find A Hero

Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, president with Production Solutions. Back at you with the BenLightenment video series on ‘5 Self Innovation Tips!’ Tip number 5: Find a Hero (or Heroine)! You can do that in so many ways today, in 2020. Whether it be Youtube, Instagram, podcasts, books, blogs, medium, wherever it might…


BenLightenment | Cultivate Emotional Agility

Show notes: “Hello, everyone, Ben Harris here again, President with Production Solution, sharing tip #4, in the video series, Benlightenment: “5 Tips for Self Innovation,” to help you in a time where we are all going through significant change and uncertainty in our lives, both at work and life! Tip number four is about cultivating…


BenLightenment | Written & Spoken Word Video

Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, President with Production Solutions, coming back at you with tip number 3 in the Benlightenment series of 5 tips for Self Innovation!  Number three is The Written and Spoken Word. As I mentioned in the Intro video, taking some time each day to write down your thoughts, your…


BenLightenment | Cultivating Purpose Video

Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, President with Production Solutions, coming back at you in the series of BenLightenment with “5 Self Innovation Tips in 5 minutes”! We’re diving deeper, but Tip #1, as a reminder, was to have a daily intention or daily mantra guide you as you start your day, so before…


BenLightenment | Daily Intentions Video

  Show notes: “Hello everyone, Ben Harris, with Production Solutions. Coming back at you to share a little bit more about tip number one from the “5 Tips for Self Innovation” from the BenLightenment Video series that we’ve created in a time where we are growing ourselves from the inside out, beginning to lead ourselves…


Expiration Date. Sell by Date. Use by Date.

When shopping in the grocery store, the language about what is expired, when it expires and when to use it can be confusing! I tend to treat all three dates as the same thing – once the date has passed, the item is no longer usable. It is time to get rid of it and…


Navigating the USPS with the help of PS!

We love Direct Mail! Even in today’s digital revolution, it is still one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to reach donors and create fundraising campaigns. After all the time spent perfecting the right mailpiece, building the best list, and planning for the ideal maildate, the last hurdle is the United States Post Office….


2021 Postage Rate Chart Changes!

The Postal Service filed new rates with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for Market Dominant Rate Changes, and these rate changes will officially go into effect on Sunday January 24, 2021. This is a typical CPI (Consumer Price Index) based rate change under the laws of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) which was…


Spotlight On: Leigh Janis, Rising Star Award Honoree

Leigh Janis, our Director of Sales & Brand Strategy has been serving the PS team and the marketing industry for over 11 years. This month, Leigh Janis was honored with the Marketing EDGE Rising Star award, which recognizes her as one of the most talented professionals 40 years of age and under working in the…


Lifecycle of a Mail Piece

The work of postal workers, and how PS manages this information to help our clients, is incredibly valuable. It’s important to understand the mail piece lifecycle and it’s different milestones just as a postal worker does, to elevate your understanding of the post office! From the mailshop to the donor’s residence, the mail piece takes…