VDP & Connecting to the Donor’s Values

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows text, images, graphics, etc., for each donor’s mail piece, to be completely personalized for them. This personalization is all powered by data. For example, you can print a full program of brochures with the same basic layout (size, paper, etc.), but each individual brochure can have a different color scheme, data, and image(s) which relates personally to your donor.  VDP allows you…


August 2021 Postage Rate Chart Changes

The USPS has elected to use virtually all of their pricing authority granted under the New Postal Rate Making Rules that went into effect this past January, to file a Second Postage Rate Change in 2021. This past Friday afternoon (May 28th), they filed Market Dominant Price Changes with the PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission) that…


An Informed Deep Dive on Informed Delivery 

Do you have what it takes to create an Informed Delivery campaign? It’s an incredibly easy concept to understand, but as with many offerings from the USPS, the devil is in the details. As a refresher, Informed Delivery is the program created by the USPS that allows mail recipients to see their mailpieces online prior to them arriving in their mailbox. Most…


Envelope Fundamentals – Learning the Basics!

PS sat down with Michele Rosenberger, Senior Sourcing Manager, to get the low-down on envelopes and all that you need to know about them for a successful campaign. Check out this quick but informative Q&A with Michele, a Resource/Production Expert: PS: Are there standard sized envelopes and is there an advantage to using one instead…


Earth Day is Here!

In 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a junior senator from Wisconsin, Pete McCloskey, a Republican Congressman and Denis Hayes, a young activist, organized campus “teach-ins” on April 22 to encourage students to think about air and water pollution. 20 million Americans were involved with this first Earth Day and sought to bring attention to protecting the planet….


The Informed Delivery Promotion: Increasing Visibility and Reducing Costs!

Informed Delivery has been around long enough to have gained a solid following of people that absolutely swear by it. Even better, this autumn the USPS will be running their annual postal promotion so you can receive a 2% discount on your postage costs while also gaining the expanded visibility benefits of using Informed Delivery!  HOW IT WORKS  If you haven’t tried Informed Delivery before,…


Does Direct Mail Have You Seeing…Pink?

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent days, nights, weekends perfecting your direct mail package. Tweaked your copy, agonized over your asks, selected the perfect pictures. Then the day arrives, your samples are here! You tear open your package, so excited to see your efforts on paper and it’s beauti…. wait, why is that pink?! It’s supposed to…


Melding Digital & Direct Mail with the USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion!

This summer, the USPS will again offer their Mobile Shopping promotion in an effort to encourage everyone to continue to invest in technologies to bridge the gap between their digital programs and their direct mail. Read below about how Production Solutions can help you qualify for the promotion! How does the promotion work? Include in…


Paper Choices: How We Know What Type of Paper to Use! 

There are many things to consider when choosing paper. What is the intended use? Will the recipient need to write on the paper to return it to the sender? Do we need a special color for the paper?  First and foremost, I like to consider what the paper will be used for and what the goal of sending…


Going Green: Get to Know the Basics of Green Paper

There is no getting around it – in direct mail we use a LOT of paper! The good news is paper is a renewable resource, and there are many options to ensure your organization’s values on sustainability and conservation are supported by your paper choices. The following information may help you sort through some of…