Mail is Relevant Now and Into the Future! 

The world around us speeds up and waits for no one. What was once considered complex processes can now be accomplished with the tap of a finger or a click of a mouse. Because of this, fundraisers ponder serious questions about the future of their organizations, and how they will continue to raise funds (the…


Working Hard For YOU!

PS is working hard for you, whipping your programs into shape! We’ve got you covered – take your program to the next level with these production experts. We create solutions each day to elevate the experience of our clients, suppliers, and anyone who we come into contact with! We make it a priority to inspire…


Soha Manalai: Resilience and Perseverance Exemplified 

Soha Manalai, Accounts Receivable Specialist on the Accounting Team for PS, is impossible to defeat. Soha’s powerful story was recently put into words in the new book, Indomitable! Immigrants’ Stories of Perseverance and Resilience by Margery Leveen Sher. Soha, now 23 years old, migrated to the United States from Kabul, Afghanistan at the age of 19…


The Proofing Process

Before an envelope or flatwork goes to print, it is critical to have a proof as part of the process. Even though there is a cost to proofing, the confidence that the proof matches the client’s expectation for their mailing far outweighs the price of having to reprint due to an error. The proofing process…


The Good, The Bad, and the Truth about Ganged Print Runs 

Trends in direct mail fundraising come and go every year. One year it was personalized notepads. The year before that, it was Auto-Pen personalization. Still, another was Mini-Notecards. Some trends stick for certain programs and become control packages; many more serve a purpose only in smaller niche segments. But one trend that has been, and always will be in style is – REDUCING COSTS….


The Future of Direct Mail is Personalization 

You have heard it countless times … personalization is key in direct mail. Adding additional personalization to your mail can allow you to not only connect to your donors with additional data points, but it can also open up additional creative opportunities by allowing you to add specific color, image, and design elements that are…


Printing Envelopes & Flatwork: Ink On Paper

To serve our client’s needs, Production Solutions (PS) focuses on the impact our client wants to make with their mailing, the intention behind it, and the quantity of the project using our wide network of supplier partner relationships. Let’s learn about the specifics of printing and how PS adds value to your work through our…


Political Mail vs. Election Mail: Why 2020 Is The Year to Pay Attention to these Terms

Each year more and more Americans count on the Postal Service to cast their votes, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic many are curious of the options. Even amongst the pandemic the Postal Service and mailers across the country are preparing for the November 2020 general election which will include numerous congressional, state and…


A Note for Maddie

Today, April 28th, 2020 would have been the day Maddie Jewel Gee turned 26 years old. Her joyous spirit was taken from us this past February, so this day now stands as a day of remembrance and celebration of life – Maddie’s life. Maddie was approaching her one-year tenure with PS. She telecommuted full time from Katy, TX. As an Account Manager, Maddie served her clients, partners and colleagues with grace, organization,…


Printing: What You Need to Know 

Once we get the design process right, it is time to print! The key components of a mailing must be determined and communicated upfront between the client and the production partner to be sure the print process goes according to plan. Learn about four of the major factors that play into finding the best supplier…