Where is my mail?

We are already deep into the fall mailing season! The large volume of marketing mail, alongside election mail, and let’s not forget hurricane season, make it more important than ever to know where your mail is. With postage accounting for a whopping 30-70% of a campaign’s budget, taking control over both how your campaigns are…


USPS Proposes 2019 Promotions & Incentives

They’re back! After suspending the popular Postal Mailing Promotions in 2018, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced the proposal of several special offers and incentives for nonprofit mailers in 2019. While they only last for a limited time with certain restrictions, the cost savings they can ultimately provide will make them worth it….


How Nonprofits are Enhancing the Service Experience through eCommerce

Online storefronts serve as a fantastic way for organizations to show off their products, connect with customers, and express their brand. But does your current online store measure up? Many organizations simply do not have the time or resources to fully manage an effective online store, especially in a climate where the “Amazon effect” has…


Top Facebook Advertising Mistakes Affecting Your Results (Part II)

Part II is here and we’re rounding out our list of the top 10 Facebook advertising mistakes affecting your results. Check out mistakes #6-10 below, as identified by our digital experts, to see if you can make impactful changes today. Underutilizing Facebook’s targeting options You can try a “one-size-fits-all” approach for your Facebook ads, but…


Update on Mail Operations Impacted by Hurricane Florence (AS OF 9/20/18)

Production Solutions is in contact with our direct mail clients regarding mail operations impacted by Hurricane Florence. We are committed to bringing you the latest updates to keep you informed on how to handle your mailings during weather disruptions. We are expecting delays across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia that could extend for several…


The 2018 Chicago Nonprofit Conference is Here

It’s hard to believe the end of August is upon us. School has started for many, stores are already promoting their Halloween swag, and my Instagram feed is filled with people counting down until “Fall Y’all”…but we aren’t done with summer yet! On the heels of the 2018 Bridge Conference, the team here at Production…


Call to Action: Respond to the USPS Proposal on Non-Paper Based Components

UPDATE (10/3/18): The USPS issued a clarification on September 20th stating that IF the rules for enclosures changes, any new requirements will not go into effect until 2020 at the earliest. The industry has done a great job submitting opposition letters and the USPS has already received over 3,600 letters! Keep them coming and submit…


Top Facebook Advertising Mistakes Affecting Your Results (Part I)

Advertising on Facebook can be tricky. How can you be sure your ads are making an impact and leading to your desired outcomes? In part one of this two-part series, our digital experts list five of the top 10 Facebook advertising mistakes affecting your results: Following the 20% text rule Facebook has an idea of…


The Future is Simple with the USPS’s New Enterprise Payment System (EPS)

In an effort to simplify funding your various postal accounts, the United States Postal Service has rolled out their new “Enterprise Payment System” (EPS). The new system supports commercial, domestic, and international products and services including First Class, Marketing Mail, Electronic PO Boxes Online (EPOBOL) and Address Quality Products. The most exciting feature is that…


Are You Ready For Bridge 2018?

The 13th annual Bridge Conference, taking place from July 31st to August 2nd at National Harbor, is quickly approaching! At the perfect time of year due to fall fundraising, it is time to make sure your nonprofit organization has an impeccable plan in place with the proper cadence and content in messaging. At Bridge, you…