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4 Must-Read Gems from Recent Direct Marketing Conferences and Articles

If you’ve been too busy to soak up all of the great content making the rounds at the recent direct marketing conferences and in the industry’s blogosphere, don’t worry! Production Solutions (PS) has been rounding up the must-reads for you so you don’t miss a beat. Here’s a look at some killer presentations; a few…


Three Basic Truths for Any Marketer

I’ve always been one to embrace change. I believe all change is ultimately good, regardless of how it is packaged. I firmly believe we grow as professionals…as people…when we look at change as an opportunity rather than shun it from a place of fear. Well, the excitement of change is at hand at Production Solutions….


29 Game-Changing Insights from the DMA Nonprofit Federation 2014 Washington Conference

Ever wish you could boil a two-day multi-session conference down into a quick-read list of game-changing nuggets you could share with your clients and colleagues without ever leaving your desk? We’ve done it for you! If the snow kept you away, the 2014 DMA Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) Washington Conference featured information-packed sessions on all aspects of…


Get Inside Your Donors’ Heads

Ten Tips on How to Tap Into the Minds of Your Donors and What to Do About It When You Do Ever wonder what your colleagues are learning about the hearts, minds and habits of today’s donors?  Wonder no more. At the DMANF 2014 Washington Nonprofit Conference, direct marketers were generously sharing their donor insights…


February Podcast – Game-Changing Insights from the 2014 DMANF Washington Conference

Check out our monthly PS Insider podcast for the latest on new developments in the world of nonprofit direct marketing and fundraising. Current Marketing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with PS Insider on BlogTalkRadio Featured This Month: In this episode of the PS Insider podcast, get the run down on the recent DMANF 2014 Washington…


How Best to Groom Future Leaders in Your Organization

Professionally Speaking, ”Feed Your Head!” As the CEO of Production Solutions/PSDigital, I continue to work at identifying and cultivating new leadership from within. Of course it’s the best thing for an organization to take those who show that they can “lead up,” understand the difference between tactical and strategic decisions and have cross functional experience…