The Direct Response Vortex…Mother of the Big Idea!

Getting that steady or dramatic lift in a campaign’s response rate or average contribution can’t come from just one magic bullet. The Direct Response Marketing industry and specifically those in offline and online fundraising continually search for what is known as the “Big Idea.” The next “Big Idea” can be…that package look, that message, that strategy,…


Email Design Basics for Mobile

Are you reading this on your phone? That’s not surprising – according to a recent Litmus study, 51% of emails are opened on a mobile device. There’s a huge debate out there over Responsive vs. Adaptive vs. Fluid design, and which approach best meets the need for the myriad devices in today’s marketplace. You can…


It’s In the Way That You Say It

Tone and delivery can turn what was meant to be sarcastically funny, into an insult inadvertently. I am so glad I’m old…I mean mature. (To be “AARP-politically-correct”). Being mature allows me to really stop and listen to people and really hear what they have to say and not react in a negative way if it’s…


Q.C. Tip: Test Your Emails!

How Does Your Email Render in Different Email Readers? Quality control tip: make sure to test your outbound marketing emails in a variety of email clients (email readers) as they will look different in each one…without a doubt. Your email will most likely be viewed using some combination of the following devices and email clients…


Production Solutions Takeaways – Segmentation Session 2014

How Should We Segment Our Files In 2014 and Beyond? Segmentation Session 2014 Washington Nonprofit Conference  from ProductionSolutions Picture Imprint Indicia from ProductionSolutions


April Podcast – 5 Must-Reads for Direct Marketing Pros

Check out our monthly PS Insider podcast for the latest on new developments in the world of nonprofit direct marketing and fundraising. New Marketing Internet Radio with PS Insider on BlogTalkRadio Featured This Month: In this episode of the PS Insider podcast, get a recap on the most provocative and insightful lessons Production Solutions and…


4 Must-Read Gems from Recent Direct Marketing Conferences and Articles

If you’ve been too busy to soak up all of the great content making the rounds at the recent direct marketing conferences and in the industry’s blogosphere, don’t worry! Production Solutions (PS) has been rounding up the must-reads for you so you don’t miss a beat. Here’s a look at some killer presentations; a few…


Why Wait To Unload?

Making the case for ongoing employee feedback: good, bad or ugly. I’m fortunate in my position as CEO within a privately held direct response company to be in a position that affords me the privilege of being candid and honest with my staff. I communicate with no hidden agenda or the need to play games…


Agency Outsourcing Model

THE PROJECT A top New York-based agency (“Agency”) that specializes in creating record-breaking fundraising campaigns for cause-based nonprofits has been a long-time partner with Production Solutions. Here’s how it all started: To maintain its reputation for excellence and achieve its growth and profitability goals, the Agency needed to identify a proven production management partner that…


How Do I Decide What to Post on Social Media?

You’re a 21st century communicator. You’re working hard to post on at least one social network, and maybe several of them, every day. You even know what Snapchat is. After spending hours each week updating your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more, you feel like you have nothing to show for it. If there’s…