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Do’s of Direct Mail Formats 2014

Innovations Interactive Sometimes flat images just don’t tell the whole story.  Check out our Innovations library as shared on Slideshare and YouTube.  Production Solutions’ very own Senior Strategist, Direct Response & Marketing Formats, Cheryl Keedy, the “Jane Bond of Innovative Formats” shares lots and lots of trade secrets here…don’t miss out! What’s Hot in Fundraising Direct…


2014: What’s Hot, What’s Not in Fundraising Direct Mail

*You can also read a version of Cheryl’s 2014 advice under the “DM Deconstructed” section in the January 2014 issue of Fundraising Success magazine. Out with the old, in with the new. In “direct mail-speak” old means…lessons learned. New or “in” trends may actually mean campaigns/techniques/formats/behaviors that have been tested and had great results by…


Production Solutions 2014 Postage Rates Chart

Compliments of Production Solutions – Our new 2014 Postage Rates chart! Production Solutions has pieced together the most important information you will need in this handy, info-at-a-glance Postage Rates chart to help make your life easier. This year, the largest postage hike in the history of the USPS will leave many nonprofits not only wondering…


2014 USPS Mailing Promotions and Incentives Chart

Special USPS Offers Every Nonprofit Direct Marketer Needs to Know Did you know the USPS has special offers and incentives for nonprofit mailers?  They may last only for a limited time with certain restrictions, but they may be worth the cost savings they can ultimately provide. We are happy to answer any questions or advise…


Was Last Year Crazier Than Ever…or Was It Just Me?

TGYECIO: Reflections on 2013 and Tips on Starting the New Year off to Maximize Success in 2014 Don’t you love text talk! And don’t you love learning new ones! I do… and my latest addition is somewhat of a remake of a friend’s…TGYECIO! (“Thank God Year-End Craziness Is Over”). After all these years at “having…